IndiDigix has extensive experience deploying DevOps in environments that are larger and more complex. This, along with our strong domain expertise in Investment Banking, Retail Banking, and Cards Businesses, and our strong functional knowledge in Finance, Risk, and Treasury operations, makes us the ideal choice to assist you with your DevOps implementation. We offer a new method of thinking and acting in order to construct and maintain sustainable work practices. It is a cultural framework that enables individuals and groups to cooperate, exchange, and practise their craft in an efficient and sustainable manner.Our seasoned personnel are proficient in utilising and implementing tools such as GIT/Stash, BDD, JIRA, Specflow, NUnit/Microsoft Test Cases, Team City, Nexus Pro, Selenium, and Gherkin, as well as comprehending a range of application architectures.

Integrating and deploying software continuously

Modern and legacy platforms are compatible with the custom application development services provided by a company. Included in our support services are Java and .Net programming, PAAS (Azure, AWS, and Salesforce Automation), and mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows are among the services offered.

Offerings and Services

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