The oil and gas (O&G) sector's severe price decrease rocked the industry and its long-standing corporate structures. It is now regaining ground after going through periods of low pricing, asset alignments, and productivity gains.The systems and processes employed in the oil and gas industry's exploration, production, refining, and marketing are very complex, capital-intensive, and require cutting-edge technology. In order to reduce costs, improve organizational effectiveness, and streamline operations, this calls for more data-driven decision-making and collaboration than ever before. Given the still-relatively low prices and rising demand for sustainable energy sources, it has become difficult for O&G enterprises to successfully operate across the whole value chain of the industry due to shifting market dynamics.


By combining IT, engineering, and automation expertise, as well as improving worker safety on risky offshore platforms through the use of digital technology to optimise current operations and enable remote monitoring, we create solutions across the upstream value chain.

Our Solutions

  • Upstream Cloud Adoption
  • Asset Integrity Management service
  • Solution for Workplace Safety
  • IoT-driven solutions


Operating and maintenance difficulties with assets that includes pipelines, transport vessels, gas plants, and compression stations present a never-ending challenge for midstream companies. Transparency in data enables businesses to maximize safety, environmental protection, and income while also discovering potential growth areas. To help Midstream enterprises reduce business risks, we offer solutions like Fleet Monitoring, Advanced Pipeline Leak Detection, Field Workforce Mobility, and ETRM (Energy Trading and Risk Management).

Our Solutions

  • Analytics for fleet and logistics
  • Solution for Asset Integrity
  • Pipeline Management Using Image Analytics


Refineries encounter a number of problems because of the complexity of their assets, operating margins, and integrity standards. Operations in the oil and gas sector that take place after the production stage and up until the point of sale are referred to as downstream operations. This covers the processing, selling, transportation, and refining of petroleum products. IndiDigix offers downstream value chain solutions in areas like logistics, retail, and marketing.

Our Solutions

  • Repair and upkeep Solution
  • Solutions for Cybersecurity
  • Management Driven by IoT