Scikiq is a corporate data platform of the next generation that manages data concerns such as ingestion, preparation, governance, and transformation while providing self-service insights and analytics. Scikiq's worldwide channel partner for sales, consulting, installation, and support is IndiDigix. It is a Unified Full-Service Business Data Platform that abstracts all data complexity from business users with a No-Code, Drag-and-Drop UI, allowing businesses to concentrate on producing value from data, allowing them to develop and make faster, better, more confident decisions.

Utilizing data to help businesses make quicker, more informed decisions

Data profiling, data quality, and data governance are executed to establish auditable and traceable data repositories in order to provide insights via self-service, voice, or Natural Language Interfaces, saving at least 30 per cent of the time required for data transmission. In contrast to the current competition, which offers either point solutions or complex technological platforms where the integration of such toolkits causes organisational disasters, even simple migration tasks cost over $1 million and take between 12 and 15 months.

Impediments to the Existing Operating Model

Key characteristics of Scikiq include:

  • Implementation of Best Practices relevant to an Industry
  • Management & Cataloging of Metadata
  • EDA, Data Integrations, and Profiling
  • Notebook is used to develop predictive analytics
    and machine learning models
  • Scheduling and ETL
  • Digitization of PDFs, images, and web addresses
  • Data Quality and Semantic Modeling
  • Management and Approval of Data Assets
  • NLP Data Visualization and Data Storytelling
  • Data Security and Privacy