For retailers and wholesalers, IndiDigix focuses on providing all-inclusive IT solutions, from retail management and point-of-sale software to e-commerce solutions and IT infrastructure services.By utilizing our capacity, we ensure that in-store POS is always operational to avoid any delays at the registers and to give our customers access to customer, product, and other crucial information in real-time. With real-time connectivity to Retail Systems' inventory, sales, promotions, and customer management, we build custom CMS and e-commerce platforms.

Retail Management Services and Solutions

Data migration of your customers, suppliers, and even merchandise, as well as of your prior sales transactions, may be necessary.

The successful live-run and post-implementation of every contractual back-end and front-end rollout are handled as a project.

Installation, implementation, and training are necessary for both front-end and back-end retail applications.

Both local and remote support is offered for the POS hardware and software applications used by back office and point-of-sale systems.

Our Main Service Provisions.

O2O Transformation Services

Loyalty Management Loyalty Programmes

Campaign Structure

Returns – Cross channels